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It’s a long shot, it’s suicide maybe, but I do the only thing I can think of. I lean in and kiss Peeta full on the mouth. His whole body starts shuddering, but I keep my lips pressed to his until I have to come up for air. My hands slide up his wrists to clasp his. “Don’t let him take you from me.”
Peeta’s panting hard as he fights the nightmares raging his head. “No. I don’t want to…
I clench his hands to the point of pain. "Stay with me."
His pupils contract to pinpoints, dilate again rapidly, and then return to something resembling normalcy. “Always,” he murmurs.

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That’s a wrap. Thank you Suzanne Collins Thank you @Hibbits Thank you HG Fans. Other than that, I’m speechless.

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already!not ready omgfinnick my lovenooooprimgaaah


Some of Katniss’s descriptions of Peeta in THG.

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Last day of filming for ‘The Hunger Games series. (6.20.14)

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District 7

District 7

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