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so different in brown hair

CFM - 5 female characters - Johanna Mason

Well, yes I’m angry. You know I’m totally getting screwed over here. The deal was that if I win the Hunger Games, I get to live the rest of my life in peace. But now you want to kill me again. Well you know what?

F U C K   T H A T !    A n d   f u c k    a n y o n e    t h a t   h a d   a n y t h i n g   t o   d o   w i t h   i t !   

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first and last lines

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get to know me meme [2/5] favorite movies: Catching Fire (2013)

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Woody Harrelson: Francis [the Catching Fire director] really stepped up. It’s like when your dad leaves you and then you got a new father, then suddenly he’s just as phenomenal…

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Details at Christian Dior Couture F/W 2010


Details at Christian Dior Couture F/W 2010

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she’s so touched for a moment

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love this

jennifer lawrence photographed by chris kaufman

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